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My name is William Johnson, and I'm the Retail department's Executive Board Member for the last three years of my seven with Universal and the Union's website designer. I am a candidate for President and would be proud to represent you if elected.

What our Union does:

  • Unify more than 1300 of Universal's best employees to stand together and speak with a single, strong voice and at the same time, ensure that each individual voice is heard.
  • Ensure our safety and healthy workplace conditions to improve our quality of life.
  • Defend our rights and freedoms, make sure we're treated fairly and get our fair share of the rewards when our hard work for the company pays off.
  • Maintain eternal vigilance in holding the company accountable when errors are made, whether unintentional or otherwise and getting the best resolution possible.

The Union doesn't belong to the Officers or Stewards, it's yours. Every member is tasked with the above responsibilities and every individual's success or failure affects us all. We must all do our part and report when we're wronged, demand justice and integrity and make things better.

I have military leadership experience, business management skills, technical expertise, I'm highly organized and disciplined, have 25 years of work experience, I have a vision for the future and ideas to streamline our processes, improve efficiency and increase productivity.

When you elect me, I will fight for YOU in a way that no one else has or will.

Thanks for your vote.

William Johnson

Candidate William Johnson

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I will be replacing the President and Lawyer that brought you the current contract, strongly enforcing what we won and adding to a better workplace by improving safety and security, streamlining our processes and laying a strong foundation for you that will be the standard for the Union's second 50 years.